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15th street artist festival “Gütersloher Straßenfiffi”

KRAWALLI-Entertainment @, Freitag, 02. Februar 2018, 11:11 (vor 82 Tagen)

The Berliner Platz in Gütersloh is available for seven international street artists (no street musicians) on Sunday opening at 30th of September 2018. Everyone has a 30 minute performance to inspire the audience with artistry, magic and juggling.

Every artist (solo, duos, ensembles) gets a general allowance in the form of 500,- EURO plus tax.
Additionally the street artists can keep the hat money. The organizer pays the overnight stay at a hotel and catering at the event for all artists.
The organizer (Gütersloh Marketing) does not pay any costs of the artist’s journey.

Your application should be in written form by email or by post. Please add photo material, press reports and a link to your homepage/youtube.

Please send your application with the key word “Straßenfiffi 2018” to the following address:

Gütersloh Marketing GmbH
Lena Descher
Berliner Straße 63
33330 Gütersloh

Or via email at:

Entry deadline: 6th of May 2018

7 artists will be chosen from all applicants. Every street artist makes a 30 minutes (!) performance in the time between 1pm to 6pm.
The comedy juggler Krawalli in his role as “Wilfried Horstkötter” leads through the program.

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